First day in Uganda

We got a precious few hours sleep and began our day with a great breakfast and Molly shared some thoughts with us from Romans 12. Then we loaded up on ROSA, the coaster bus, to experience Kampala in an up close and personal way. We visited the t4tAfrica offices to visit with Juliette, the manager of the MakaPads operation. She was an excellent communicator, explaining the challenges an under-resourced girl in Uganda faces once she hits puberty.

Showing us processed papyrus.

We all better understand why MakaPads make so much sense for girls with limited clean water, soap and transportation. Knickers for New Life is happy to use these at our partner schools. They are organic, biodegradable, locally produced creating jobs and sanitary.

Our team was completed with the arrival of Amelia from NYC who was rerouted and delayed. What a joy to welcome her! We hope to welcome her luggage tomorrow 🙏

Our evening was a celebration dinner with Edward and Christine Isingoma and some of their adult children. We ate A LOT of delicious Chinese food in a private room. This was definitely our swank night of the trip. Isingomas are the most gracious of hosts and are taking great care of us. We are all healthy…just tired.

Uganda is a fascinating, complex and challenging land. We’re all in.

Our team is complete!
Isingomas are beautiful family.
The future of Uganda.

8 thoughts on “First day in Uganda

  1. Wonderful pictures . What a wonderful welcome. So glad you all got to go where the pads are made.


  2. This is so beautiful. Happy to be following your journey❤️❤️❤️


  3. Thanks for the pics and the updates. You’re being prayed for daily!


  4. Thank you for the updates. So glad you’re all well. You’re being prayed for daily!


  5. So happy to see you all gathered! Sending our love to you. We continue to pray over you all. Amy and Travis


  6. This is very exciting and I can’t wait to read more about the trip!! Lifting the team in prayers!!

    Al and Lisa


  7. What beautiful people and group photos. It is so lovely to see the joy of the Lord on all the faces. Prayers remain with you for strength, grace, adjustment to the huge time change. Thank you for your precious updates. The joy of the Lord is indeed your strength! His mercies are new every morning. Great is that faithfulness, O Lord. Amén.


  8. Thank you for sharing. Following your adventure.


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