Partly cloudy with rays of Hope

It started out as a rainy day – muddy roads and all but we were showered with rays of sunshine when we arrived at Hope Primary school as soon as we were greeted by the children.

They greeted Watha and Marty with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Bright smiles and warm greetings made our hearts smile and feel overwhelmed with a sense of undeserved appreciation.

Basics we call them in America but quite a need for the children in Uganda. KFNL provides mosquito repellent soap, girl and boy latrines, and maka pads (sanitary pads)for the girl child.

The children couldn’t seem to thank Knickers enough. The school performed many songs and dances.

After showering the team with gifts of song and dance Greg and I were taken to the preschool where the children meet under a mango tree where the school began over 20 years ago.

The kids performed a song of appreciation to God first and to Knickers for the supplies. A sweet sweet memory.


Greg got to speak to the kids and encourage them to stay healthy and strong and remind them they are precious in Gods sight.

Katie and the KFNL Uganda Team

2 thoughts on “Partly cloudy with rays of Hope

  1. Love this day! Thanks for sharing the details with us. They are Ray’s of Hope♥️🌍


  2. Can’t wait seeing you again here at Hope. It will be our fullest Joy meeting you!!


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