Flexibility was the theme of our day yesterday. It was inspired by Marty, as he appeared at the entrance to our hotel in Kampala riding on the back of a boda boda (a Ugandan motorcycle taxi.) “It’s flexibility!”, he exclaimed when he saw our astonished faces! One of our safety precautions for the trip was to not ride on a boda boda. But after breakfast, Marty and Edward left to run an errand as we began packing our minibus for the day’s journey. Marty returned without Edward but with new transportation.

Flexibility is an important principle in cross-cultural ministry. We have had many opportunities to put this into practice with delayed flights, lost luggage, altered itineraries and creatively packing our bus to still have room for all the passengers.

Yesterday we left Kampala to travel to Hoima, the hometown of our leaders Edward and Kristine Isingoma. Along the way, we stopped to visit the soap maker who created mosquito repellent soap for the KFNL partner schools. John and Grace Katumba welcomed us to their home, and we were blessed with an unexpected feast of delicious foods they had prepared.

John also gave our team a tour of his workshop and explained and demonstrated how he creates the soaps, oils and balms from natural, local ingredients. He invented a special combination of essential oils that he uses in the soap for Knickers for New Life.

It is an amazing partnership, because these soaps have greatly reduced malaria amongst the students at KFNL schools, and Mr. Katumba provides more soap to KFNL than any other client.  He has also given soap to his neighbors, so that his entire community has been impacted by its health benefits. Before we left, we prayed over John, Grace and their family as they prepare for the birth of their next child.

Our journey to Hoima took around four hours as we traveled through the beautiful, green countryside. A few surprise guests joined us along the way, and we were delighted that two of Edward and Kristine’s kids decided to join us on our journey to Hoima. We also made occasional unexpected stops to let cows pass across the road before we could continue.

Once we arrived at our lodging, we were treated to a cultural show of local dancers demonstrating traditional Orunyege dances from Bunyoro Kitara.

After the dancing our team finished the day with dinner and devotions. For the final lesson in flexibility for the day, the Internet was not consistent enough to allow our blog post to upload.

We apologize for being late with the update, but we are grateful for the many reminders to stay flexible as we continue our adventures. Please continue to lift us up in your prayers!

Amanda, on behalf of the KFNL Uganda team

2 thoughts on “Flexibility…

  1. Thank you for keeping those of us here informed of your travels and experiences. I so wish I could be with you, but look forward to hearing all about your trip and how God has worked in and through you when you return.


  2. This is so amazing to see God working in the lives of the Ugandans through you all! Thank you for sharing and we uphold you in prayer!!


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