In Uganda, the phrase “we want to appreciate you for…” is constant. Our KFNL Team was celebrated, sang to, danced for, drummed for, presented with flowers and fed more local food than we can explain.

How do the poor give So Much, when they have few resources? How were we showered with true joy and blessing at every turn? Our team brought suitcases full of school supplies, bibles, and medical supplies that they will treasure. But what they were REALLY excited about is that we Showed Up. Relationships are the only thing that lasts – and our Ugandan friends know this so clearly. They poured themselves out for us in myriad ways.

Welcome at Christ School
Lunch at New Life Primary

As our trip concludes, we all have experienced sensory, emotional and spiritual overload. We each have much to consider. Ask us questions when you see us but please know that Uganda is complex and overwhelming. We won’t be able to boil it down to one sentence. We spent our last day on outings – mountain biking, hiking and canoeing in the Crater Lakes region. We were truly immersed in everyday village life. It was a nice change from the “official” events we have been part of.

Top of the World hike
Matoke for sale
Weaver bird colony
Feel the burn!

Our hearts are full. Our bodies tired. More to come from our team but it has been a rich experience and we have seen Joy in a way that challenges and transforms. Each team member added something special and had their own insights. I am deeply grateful to have shared this Big Adventure with them. We’re coming home…but part of us will remain in Uganda among the children we love and serve.

Watha for the Uganda 2019 team

1 thought on “Appreciate

  1. What a journey God has blessed you with. I have a feeling that it’s only the beginning.
    Safe travels team. You loved well!

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